Food Literacy + You = Better Health

Better food literacy can help you, your children and your family enjoy better health. Here are some food literacy tips to build food literacy for life.

Food Literacy is...

1. Knowing about food - Your understanding of food and nutrition.

2. Having food skills - Your ability to buy, prepare, handle and store food.

3. Feeling confident  about food - when choosing, preparing, and eating food.

4. Making healthier food decisions most of the time.

5. Improved by having a supportive food system; food environment; living situation; and culture and traditions.

For More Nutrition or Healthy Eating Information:
  • Check out Canada's Food Guide
  • Visit to find accurate information about food and nutrition.
  • Call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-897-0000 and ask to speak with a Registered Dietitian.