Making healthy FOOD DECISIONS refers to your ability to apply your food knowledge, information and skills to make healthy food choices. 
Healthy eating is a habit. Making healthy food choices or decisions can help you develop a healthy eating pattern. A healthy eating pattern helps you improve your overall health.
Because ‘healthy eating is more than the foods you eat’, we can make food decisions based on a lot more than what’s healthiest, including what foods are available (at the store, restaurant, recreation center, school, etc.) and what our current life situation may be.
Tips to Increase your Food Literacy by making healthier FOOD DECISIONS
  • Choose healthier foods most of the time.
  • Behaviour change takes time. Start with one small change. Add more new habits when you are ready.
  • Fill half your plate with vegetables every day
  • Be a role model for healthy eating! When others see you eating healthy they might try it as well