FEELING CONFIDENT and having SELF EFFICACY about food means believing in your ability to perform food skills in a variety of situations.

  • It is believing you can choose, buy and prepare food that is healthier; whether you are at a grocery store, at a restaurant, or at school.
  • It is believing you can cook tasty meals using food you have on hand by opening your fridge to see which ingredients are available, with the belief in your ability to use different cooking tools and methods, to make a delicious meal for yourself and/or your family.
  • It also includes your attitude towards foods and trying new foods. For example: Do you feel good about the food you eat? Do you enjoy food with others? Do you like to prepare healthy food?

Tips to Increase your Food Literacy CONFIDENCE and SELF-EFFICACY

  • Nutrition information on the internet may not always be true. Visit to find accurate information about food and nutrition

  • Talk to a Registered Dietitian for expert nutrition advice. Call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-897-0000

  • Use the nutrition facts table to compare and select healthier foods

  • Take that nutrition advice and try a new food. Sometimes it takes a few tries before you like it

  • Are your healthy eating goals realistic? Set small and specific goals to help you succeed!

  • Share your tips on planning healthy meals with others

  • Talk about it! Share your healthy eating successes and challenges with friends or family. Ask them for help or ideas

  • Practice makes perfect! Build your cooking confidence by cooking more often

  • Learn with others! Join a cooking class or a community kitchen to improve your cooking skills

  • Learn new cooking skills from online videos or tutorials

  • Listen to your body. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full

  • Cook and eat together with family or friends

  • Celebrate your culture by cooking healthier versions of traditional foods

  • Inspire others, especially children and youth, to learn how to prepare food