Our Vision

Ontario Dietitians in Public Health are recognized and valued as leaders in public health nutrition working to promote the health of Ontarians.


Our Mission

To advance public health nutrition through member and partner collaboration in order to improve population health and health equity locally and provincially.  

Guiding Principles

  • Member driven, member engaged: We value member input and strive to ensure all members have an opportunity to participate.
  • Evidence informed: We build on best practices by using current high-quality evidence (research, context, experience) to ensure our work in public health nutrition is relevant and credible.  
  • Comprehensive health promotion: We believe in the health promotion principles embedded in the Ottawa Charter, which grounds the work that we do in public health nutrition.
  • Health equity: We work to reduce the socially produced, unfair and unjust disadvantages that undermine health so that all populations have equitable access and opportunities to reach their full health potential.
  • Indigenous engagement: We all have a collective role to play in learning, understanding, and redressing the ongoing colonialism and becoming allies for Indigenous peoples. We acknowledge that to develop meaningful relationships we need to understand the impact colonization and dispossession has and continues to have on Indigenous peoples.