ODPH members are active in one or more of the existing workgroups (and their sub-groups).


1.  Body Diversity and Health Equity Workgroup 

The Body Diversity and Health Equity (BDHE) Workgroup focuses on shifting the paradigm from a weight-centric health promotion approach to one that addresses the systemic injustices that result from weight bias, stigma, and discrimination. Weight bias, stigma, and discrimination intersect with other forms of discrimination and systems of oppression, including, but not limited to, colonialism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, classism, ableism, and sexism. This working group explores these intersections as well and provides recommendations for action at the public health level.   

2.  Child Care Working Group 

The goal of CCWG is that child care settings in Ontario have menus and supportive nutrition environments which are founded in evidence, best (or promising) practices and reflects current recommendations for healthy eating.


3.  Family Health Nutrition Advisory Group

Develops strategies, initiatives and tools to support the Reproductive and Child Health sections of the Ontario Public Health Standards (OPHS). The group provides an opportunity to share information on current best practices and new developments in the area of family health nutrition


4.  Food Insecurity Workgroup 

The Food Insecurity Workgroup provides an opportunity for collaboration, knowledge exchange and advocacy among Ontario Dietitians in Public Health (ODPH) members working towards effective solutions to the problem of household food insecurity (HFI).


5.  Food Literacy Workgroup

The Food Literacy Working Group offers a coordinated approach food literacy programming, networking, advocacy, policy, and evaluation. Specific goals are:

  • To network and share information about food skills and food literacy programming and resources.
  • To work on policy development and advocacy to build capacity in food skills and food literacy.
  • To coordinate the evaluation of food skills and food literacy including the development of practical evaluation tools and resources as appropriate.


6.  Food Systems Workgroup 

The Food Systems Work Group provides the opportunity for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and advocacy among ODPH members working towards a sustainable and just food system. 


7.  Healthy Eating in the Recreation Setting Workgroup (INACTIVE)

Provides an opportunity for consistency and improved efficacy in creating a supportive environment and policy development in the recreation setting in public health regions across Ontario. This group provides an opportunity for networking, collaboration and knowledge exchange among ODPH members addressing healthy eating in the recreation setting.


8.  Marketing to Kids Workgroup (INACTIVE)

This workgroup supports, promotes, and advocates for municipal, provincial, and/or federal action regarding restricting commercial marketing of food and beverages to children and youth. Members also have the opportunity for collaboration and knowledge exchange.


9.  Nutrition and Edible Cannabis Workgroup

In anticipation of the legalization of cannabis as well as the forthcoming regulation of edible cannabis, public health dietitians are interested in learning about and understanding the evidence about this substance and its impact on health throughout the lifespan.


10.  School Nutrition Workgroup

Advocates for comprehensive healthy eating environments in Ontario schools. The group plans, supports and shares nutrition initiatives to improve the nutritional health of students. Practice groups include:

  • School Nutrition Program (SNP)
  • Secondary School Environmental Support (SSES)
  • Brightbites – an on-line program that offers tips, tools and public health support to schools.



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