The child care menu planning guidelines have been updated!

Published on Monday, 4 March, 2024

The Child Care Menu Planning - Practical Guide has been updated to help child care providers ensure all meals, snacks, and beverages served in child care settings meet healthy eating recommendations for children one year of age or older.

It includes information on:

  • menu planning
  • foods and beverages
  • amounts to prepare
  • sample menu.

Click here to download your copy or to access additional menu planning resources.

Connect with your Public Health Unit locations to learn more about how they can support implementation of these updated recommendations.

ODPH Recognizes National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and Orange Shirt Day

Published on Thursday,28 September, 2023

In recognition of September 30th as the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, ODPH acknowledges that food has been used as a weapon against Indigenous peoples to disconnect them from their land, culture, language, identity and well-being.

Instead of providing sustenance to support the growth and development of children, starvation experiments and purposeful withholding of nutrients for human deficiency experimentation occurred at residential schools. This was done as part of a system intent on destroying Indigenous structures and practices, culture, identity, and values, and which we acknowledge causes ongoing harm to Indigenous Peoples.

As a collective group of registered dietitians working in public health, an institution built upon White colonial structures, we are committed to unlearning the colonial telling of the history of Indigenous Peoples, especially as it relates to food sovereignty, health, and well-being. As individuals, each of us has a responsibility to personally reflect on our own biases and beliefs to deepen our understanding of why extreme health inequities exist today between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples.

Let us take time this September 30 to start or continue the conversation on what we need to be doing to walk together toward reconciliation and healing.

Understanding the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Description of the image (pdf)

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (Sept 30)

Aboriginal Network (APTN) programming resources for National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

ODPH Letter to Health Canada calling for recognition of the historical truth of the food guide

Updated food insecurity position statement now available

Published on Wednesday, 2 December, 2020
ODPH's updated position statement on food insecurity can now be found as part of the No Money For Food is…Cent$less campaign.  ODPH recommends effective responses for the urgent public health problem of food insecurity, a situation which has only gotten worse with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Read the executive summary and full position statement at  An infographic is available at  

ODPH responds to public health modernization discussion paper

Published on Thursday, 5 March, 2020

ODPH's response to the PH Modernization discussion paper survey is now posted.  Please go to our Advocacy, Position & Endorsement page to see the letter and appendix sent to the Ministry.


Thank you to the Co-Chairs for making it happen and to everyone who participated in planning discussions and in drafting and editing our response!