It is the position of Ontario Dietitians in Public Health (ODPH) that food insecurity is an urgent public health problem and a serious human rights and social justice issue for local, provincial, and federal policy agendas.

Food banks and other food-based programs are ineffective responses to food insecurity because they do not address the primary cause: inadequate income. They have been counterproductive because they contribute to enabling governments to abandon their responsibility to ensure income adequacy. 

Policies that improve the income of vulnerable households are required to effectively address food insecurity.
Food Insecurity Position Statement Executive Summary 2020 (EN)
Food Insecurity Position Statement Executive Summary 2020 (FR)

Position Statement and Recommendations on Responses to Food Insecurity 2020 (EN)
Full Position Statement (French)...coming soon
Food Insecurity Infographic 2020 (EN)
Infographique de l’insécurité alimentaire 2020