New Nutrition Resources for Child Care Settings have been released!

Published on Monday, 4 December, 2017
These nutrition resources were created to support child care providers in planning and preparing healthy food for children in their care. They reflect current best practices for creating supportive nutrition environments in the child care setting and will help providers meet the food and drink requirements set out in the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 (section 42 of Ont. Reg. 137/15).
Practical Guide: Menu Planning & Supportive Nutrition Environments in Child Care Settings
Menu and Nutrition Environments Self-Assessment Tool for Child Care Settings 


Food Security Workgroup Name Change

Published on Wednesday, 8 November, 2017
Effective November 1st 2017, the ODPH’s Food Security Workgroup (FSWG) has changed its name to the Food INsecurity Workgroup(FIWG).  The new name better reflects the activities of the workgroup which focus on effective solutions to the problem of household food insecurity.  Terms of Reference for the FIWG were accepted by the Executive at the October 2017 meeting.  For more information, please contact Mary Ellen Prange, FIWG Chair –

ODPH's Response to 2017 Standards for Public Health Programs and Services

Published on Sunday,30 April, 2017

ODPH submitted a response to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care regarding the 2017 Standards for Public Health Programs and Services.  Please click here to see ODPH's response.

HUGE thanks to Kim Ouellette and Heather Thomas for drafting the letter and appreciation to the Advocacy Committee for their review and feedback.  

ODPH releases position statement on responses to food insecurity - French Translation now available!

Published on Wednesday,16 November, 2016

The ODPH Food Security Workgroup has developed a position statement (and French translation) and an accompanying infographic (and French translation) to increase awareness among public health staff and management about the growing problem of household food insecurity in Ontario and the urgent need to advocate for effective responses. Since its release, the Position Statement has received official endorsements from these organizations and individuals.  To endorse the Position Statement, please send an email to

Thank you to the Food Security Workgroup for all the great work that has gone into developing these very useful resources.

ODPH response to proposed changes to Healthy Menu Choices Act

Published on Thursday,11 August, 2016
The ODPH Menu Labeling Working Group and the Executive worked in collaboration with Dietitians of Canada and Ontario Public Health Association (Nutrition Resource Centre) to submit a joint response to the Minister of Health and Long Term Care on  the proposed changes to the Healthy Menu Choices Act. 
The joint response was to provide input and proposed recommended changes to the Ministry's proposed regulation, specifically related to the contextual statement that would be posted on menus.  
Thank you to the Menu Labeling Working Group for their leadership and great work! 

How To: Website Functions and Features

Published on Tuesday, 8 March, 2016
Hello ODPH Members!
I hope that everyone is doing well.
Over the last few months I have been receiving many questions about the website and how to use some of its awesome functions. In response to your great questions the Website Committee has created this document to help you work through and learn our new website features and functions.
Lifeline Design has made a video for us highlighting our new great website features. It can be viewed here:
If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me.
Julie Slack

ODPH Re-Joining OPHA

Published on Monday, 5 October, 2015

ODPH was invited to re-join the Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) as a constituent society and a member of the Board of Directors. The ODPH Executive considered and discussed this opportunity at great length, and is pleased to share that we will be re-joining this fall. Through discussions with the OPHA leadership, we feel reassured of OPHA's strengths, and the benefits and value in being part of the Association.

Our membership will: 

  • Allow for the unique and important voice of ODPH to be present at this provincial public health leadership table
  • Enhance our advocacy work, which is a key direction in our 2015-2019 strategic plan
  • Reinforce our key nutrition messages and integrate them into various provincial advocacy efforts
  • Provide a more consolidated and strengthened voice from public health at the provincial level

We look forward to strengthening the voice of OPHA in relation to nutrition and food issues through the incredible skills of our membership to support the work of public health in Ontario. 

If you have questions, feel free to connect with Evelyn ( or Rebecca ( 

The ODPH Executive

ODPH Submission for the 2015 Co-ordinated Review

Published on Friday,29 May, 2015

The Ontario Society of Nutrition Professionals in Public Health (ODPH) has submitted a review for the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing’s Land Use Planning 2015 Co-ordinated Review.  The letter outlines ODPH’s rationale for adding our lens to this review, as well as summarizes our recommendations.  The document discusses our recommendations in the context of the six goals of the review. A discussion document  for the 2015 Co-ordinated Review is also available if you are interested in reading it. 


Kim Ouellette, RD

Bill 45 and ODPH's Response

Published on Tuesday,21 April, 2015

On behalf of the Menu Labelling Working Group and the ODPH Executive, I'd like to provide a brief update about Bill 45 and ODPH`s response to the Standing Committee on this issue.

The Menu Labelling Working Group has written and submitted a response letter to the Standing Committee on General Government.  We have been granted an invitation to present to the Standing Committee on April 22, 2015 at 5:30pm. Renee Gaudet, chair of the Menu Labelling Working Group, will be representing ODPH and our position. In a nutshell, ODPH supports the following  two recommendations for amending Bill 45 Schedule 1, Healthy Menu Choices Act:

  • Both calorie and sodium content information should be displayed.

  • Menus and menu boards should also include reference values for calories and sodium.

The ODPH Executive would like to thank the Menu Labelling Working Group for their leadership in this time sensitive endeavour. We are very excited that we were granted the opportunity to present to the Standing Committee and are hopeful our recommendations move forward.

Heather Thomas

Past Chair, ODPH

Membership / Listserv Issue Notice

Published on Thursday,16 April, 2015

Hi Everyone,

 Dave from Lifeline Design here. We noticed a number of members are responding to the Listserv with an email other than the email associated with their member ID.

 This is causing some issues. Mainly it's creating a new profile for the user (which is misleading and might make you think you have started a renewal process).  We should have a fix today or tomorrow that will provide an appropriate and descriptive error when you try to email the Listserv from an email that isn't associated with an account. 

 If you would like to change the email associated with your account, you can easily do this by logging into the membership section and then selected "My Account"

 Sorry for any inconvenience and confusion this may have caused.

 David Saraiva

Lifeline Design