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PROOF and ODPH Feedback to Mental Health Commission of Canada

PROOF and ODPH feedback on Food Insecurity and Mental Health policy recommendation in the Mental Health Commission of Canada's policy brief on mental health and the high cost of living (released February 2024)

Communications Food Insecurity Workgroup FIWG 2024 Public Food Insecurity Workgroup

Strategies for Mealtime Success FR

Public ODPH Admin

Strategies for Mealtime Success EN

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ODPH Budget Submission 2024

Ontario pre-budget submission on household food insecurity

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Winter Tid-bites 2024

Tid-Bites Public Executive

Reduire le cout des aliments et les impacts sur l'environment

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Exemple d'un menu de 4 semaines

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Substitution des allergenes courants

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Augmenter l'utilisation des proteines vegetales

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Modifier les recettes pour repondre au guide pratique

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