Income solutions such as a basic income guarantee, a living wage and social assistance rates geared to the real cost of living are needed so that everyone has the money they need for basic needs, including food.
Be aware

Learn more about why No Money for Food is...Cent$less.

Spread the word
  • Talk about the problem of food insecurity at your dinner table tonight
  • Share this link to No Money for Food is...Cent$less on social media
  • Advocate for income solutions to food insecurity in your place of worship, school, workplace or local service club.  
Ask a Candidate
Will you be attending a local all candidates' debate in advance of the municipal elections October 22, 2018? Or, will you be speaking with a candidate for mayor or municipal council? If so, here are some questions you can ask:  
  • Household food insecurity is a situation where an individual or family does not have enough money to buy food because they are struggling financially.  In Ontario, 1 in 8 households experiences food insecurity (use local food insecurity rate if available). What steps do you think Council could take to reduce food insecurity in the municipality/region/city?
  • What actions could Council take that could mean local residents struggling with food insecurity have more money for food? 
  • Do you support a basic income guarantee?

Food Insecurity in Ontario’s Communities – alPHa Municipal Elections 2018 Priority